April Fool's: Japanese Pranks Round Up

Happy April Fool's Day! Hopefully you are the pranker and not the pranked. This lighthearted holiday is meant for pranks and silly tricks. Although it's not widely practiced in Japan, Japanese people know a thing or two about pranking! Japanese pranks are actually extremely elaborate and really delve into the psychological aspects of pranking. Bikkuri and Dokkiri, surprise and shock factor are important to the quality of pranks you will behold.

Pranks are often featured on Japanese comedy television shows. They aren't the main basis of the show but are popular segments, games, and even can be punishment for guests or hosts on the show.  What makes Japanese pranks so entertaining is that they can be brutal yet so incredible.

Here's a round up of some of the most epic Japanese pranks, courtesy of YouTube.

1) A group of people surrounds a couple and suddenly drops to the floor.


2) Dinosaur Prank

3) Missing Floor Game Show

4) Ghost in the elevator prank

5) Water Fountain Prank

6) Trapdoor Elevator Prank

7) Prank with Dogs

8) Wasabi Prank

9) Portable Toilet Prank

10) Japanese Ghost Prank

Disclaimer: all videos are property of the owners and are purely for entertainment purposes for this blog.

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