Squish-Worthy Sweets: Chigiri-Pan

If food is the ideal inspiration for squishy creation (and if recent trends in squishies are any indication – it is!), then chigiri-pan - perhaps the most adorable pull-apart bread the world has ever seen – is the ideal food to provide that inspiration.

Having all of the qualities of a good squishy (it’s super soft, and more often than not, super cute!) (see below) – it makes you wonder whether it was the inspiration for the many chigiri-bread lookalike squishies we see today, or whether it itself was inspired by the adorable, sweetly-scented, and slow-rising squishies we’ve come to love.

Aside from the obvious cuteness factor, chigiri-pan is the perfect recipe to try because unlike many breads which prove challenging for the average cook to master, it’s one of the easiest bread recipes out there, meaning anyone from the novice chef to the expert baker can try their hands at whipping up a kawaii creation of their own! Check out some of these adorable examples we found around the web:

Credit: @umi0407 on Instagram (Link: http://bit.ly/34MTYIB )

Pompompurin (We love the different sizes/outfits!)
Credit: @aru0819 on Instagram (Link: http://bit.ly/375d7qF)

Credit: @kunkathy on Instagram (Link: http://bit.ly/375d7qF)

Kirby (Look at all the different faces!)

Almost too cute to eat, right?
You can follow accounts like @umi0407 or search YouTube for recipes if you’d like to try your hand at making chigiri-pan yourself – and you can check out the link below for our Sanrio chigiri-pan squishies – available individually or in brand new sets at a special low price!