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Diaries are medium for keeping records. The records could be in the form of a journal which are an outlet to create, experiment and manages various part of one`s life. Keeping and maintaining journals enhances writing techniques and fleshes out new ideas. Moreover, written text keeps a record of whatever one doesn’t want to forget or whatever needs a reminder later on at some point in time.

Ferris Bueller once said, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don`t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it”. Life is getting more and more hectic since responsibilities and expectations are consuming us. Maintaining a journal helps to step back from all this stress and leads to introspection. It helps in keeping track of one`s own behavior and also visualizing what other`s behavior has taught them.

Diary writing helps at looking back at pages one has written, discover the changes one should incorporate into life and decide what all need renovation (character-wise). One may list down their ambitions and aspirations in the diaries and expand on them as and when required. The written text helps in monitoring one`s progress against the set goals and continues to motivate by documenting new developments and achievements.

To keep new ideas and thoughts rolling, one should pen them down because penning down gives way to more creativity. Learning is a never-ending process and by keeping the diary, this process can be stored in safest and secure place. One’s brain cannot keep a record of each and every activity, by writing down the facts the brain could make stronger connections with that information and one will have an easier time recalling all that is required. 

Refresh Yourself

Expressing yourself in a diary is a positive approach toward freedom from daily tensions and stress. The diary acts as a vent for release of thoughts and cleaning school of thoughts. Paper writing leads to harboring less of negativity inside oneself, giving way to full-fleshed medium for expression but in complete silence. Writing in a diary helps to sift through the clutter in the mind by organizing it into notes, lists, memories, stories and many more forms. Keeping a diary could be a great way to keep one`s creativity flourishing. Writing is like exercising - the more you practice, the stronger muscles it builds up. Similarly the more you get into writing down habit, the more written thoughts tend to get translated into actual actions.

To keep you abreast of your mind and goals, Hame has a new collection of 2018 diaries. The diaries are laced up with a health guide, important STD codes, ISD codes, conversion table, reference calendar, etc.


The funky, inspirational, motivational and emotional quotes and prints on the covers of the diaries are rare to find in any other brand in the market. They are so soothing that they could be eye-catchers in your peer group and you may boast of your choice from Hamee's new collection of Diaries for 2018.


The new 2018 diary collection from Hamee has leather diaries with ruled and dated pages. There is one day per page providing enough space to pen down your thoughts each day. Telephone numbers and address pages are included too, though most of such information is nowadays stored in handsets. Yet the written information has long shelf life and better feasibility whenever technology ditches midway. The hardback diaries are built for long-lasting usage with better protection against normal wear and tear.

2018 organizer diaries from Hamee comes in A5 size with 15 cm Width X 21 cm Length and 2 cm Thickness specification.

The front cover page of the new 2018 diaries from the Hamee house may be customised as per your requirements for a little extra cost.

The printed covers of the new 2018 diaries have the complete range of alphabets printed on them so as to give the diaries a personalized look. You may choose them according to the name`s first letter or otherwise, zodiac sign prints are also available. 

This 12-month diary tracks a full calendar year from January to December so that you never have an excuse for missing any date. Jot down your meetings, dates, memories and also your personal secrets in these new 2018 leather diaries.

Priced at $15.99 only, you may acquire a partner in every secret who will never ever betray you. The new collection of  2018 diaries from Hamee are reasonably priced keeping in mind the pocket and styled keeping in mind the trend.


The diaries have a reference calendar along with dated pages. A list of the holidays offers you the opportunity to plan your tips and vacations beforehand. It`s very rightly said, “Imaginations could reach there, where even sun can`t make its way”. So give way to your imagination by penning down your thoughts in these diaries before they slip out of your mind.

Abhishek Verma
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