What is an otmatone

What is an Otamatone

Simply put an Otamatone is a "Musical Instrument", But it is so much more than that!

Otamatone was first imagined by brothers Masamichi and Nobumichi Tosa of the Maywa Denki design firm, the Otamatone was first developed in 1988 by Japan’s CUBE toy company. Made to resemble a “Tadpole” (or “otamajakushi”) music note, the Otamatone is played with two hands and makes a quirky, electronic “hum” that can be converted to an “ahh” or “wah” by squeezing the base of the note (which was of course given a face for added cuteness). 

Where is the Otamatone now?

Otamatone was developed in Japan by the CUBE toy company and the Maywa Denki design firm. 

As of 2023 Hamee US has exclusive overseas distribution rights. 

OtamatoneWhat is an otamtone

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