Discounts and Coupons

If you are unsure of how to use a coupon code, please continue reading. 

How to Use Coupon Codes

1) If you are finished shopping, continue to checkout.

2) Once you are checking out, you will see a box on the left hand side where you can input the code. You can input the code at anytime while checking out. That means you can fill out your customer information, shipping method, and payment method. BUT! YOU MUST APPLY THE CODE BEFORE FINISH YOUR ORDER AND PAY! You will not be able to redeem the code after payment is processed.

3) Input the code and then press apply! Make sure you are inputting the code exactly how it is written. The code will not work correctly, otherwise. It is case-sensitive, so pay close attention to upper and lowercase letters!

4) Once you press apply, the page should reload with the discount applied to the total price. There should be a tag with the discount as well as how much is deducted. If the page doesn't reload to a similar page as seen above, the discount was NOT applied. 

General Rules and Disclaimers

Coupons start and end in Pacific Standard Time.

A coupon code can only be used once per customer unless otherwise noted.

A coupon code cannot be redeemed if you forgot to use it at the time of your purchase, nor can it be redeemed for any other past orders.

A coupon code cannot be combined for use with any other active coupon codes.

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