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Baketan RE Ghost Radar Ball Chain (Purple)

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Tags: #Flashing Light Toy, #Gadget, #Toys and More



When you feel a presence around you, search it with the BAKETAN, ghost detector!

Welcome to the mysterious world with the BAKETAN, ghost detector.
BAKETAN strap, ghost detector was originally released in 2006 and has been revived as the BAKETAN 2014 edition!
BAKETAN is a next-generation detector to look for anomalies (ghost) picking up the noise level of the space!
Various Rumors were spread out and we decided limited reproduction!

For the 2014 Edition, there are 2 mysterious colors available which is reflecting the image of twilight.
It comes with an earphone jack part, so that you can attach it to your smartphone to search anytime and anywhere.

Whenever you feel like it, press the button. It will start to search for the noise level of the atmosphere and let you know with the indicator.
The flashing with 8 times at the end is the search result after flash different colors at random.
When the search result was red, it will let you know with a sound.
When red light was flashed, long press the button to activate the barrier mode!
BAKETAN can search for ghosts for 24 hours and the indicator will light up according to the level of the haunted. At this time, it does not make a sound.

Mysterious color!

Twilight is in between sunset and evening.
It is said that you might see various ghost around the time.
By reflecting the image of the time, there are 2 mysterious colors available; Orange and Purple.

Comes with an earphone jack part.
Attach it to your smartphone! Also you can use it as a key holder.

The package with zipper
You can use it even in the humid area which seems ghost might appear.

Press the button and start searching!
- After flashing different colors at random, the result will be shown with 8 times of flashing.
- When the indicator shows red light, long press the button and activate the barrier mode to protect from ghost!

  Comes with this package.  
* This product is encouraging you to go to a dangerous place. Also we are not responsible for any accidents caused by this product.
* As a safety feature, the earphone jack can be easily removed from the jack.
* Comes with test battery.


Size table
Body Approx. H: 3.7 × W: 3.3 × D: 1 cm
Entire product length (including ball chain) Approx. 7.9 cm
Package Approx. H: 10.7 x W: 8.9 x D: 1.1 cm
Plug φ 3.5 mm
Other specifications.
Material ABS
Battery 1 CR2016 (for testing)




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