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Made of soft, slow-rising, smooshy, mushy polyurethane foam for a more satisfying squish, these Good Advice Cupcake (AKA "Cuppy") jumbo squishies feature top quality materials and high quality paint ensuring they're as durable as they are adorable. Once this super sweet, stress-relieving cupcake squeezes her way into your life, you'll never want to put her down!

Meet Cuppy, The Good Advice Cupcake!

Introducing the one and only Cuppy! Known for profanity (and positivity!) -laden catchphrases like "Grab life by the balls!" this highly motivational, aggressively optimistic, pep-talking pastry is exactly what you've been missing in your life.

Jumbo Size!

This squishy makes a great alternative to stress balls for kids and adults alike, and doubles as an adorable accessory for your room or desk. Its extra-large size makes it both squeezable and huggable! Like a teddy bear, but better!

Super Soft & Slow Rising!

Made of super soft, ultra slow-rising Polyurethane (PU) foam, this toy is both fun and relaxing to squish.

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