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CAM-BABY Toddler Aged Walking Robot (Blue Diaper)

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Tags: #Gadget, #Moving Toy, #Toys and More

CAM-BABY: a Toddling Walking Infant Robot
CAM-BABY is not a enemy of human-beings but wants to live with them on earth.
10cm tall, walk slowly as it's a baby and cries when it tubles.
Turn it on. Clap Your Hands! Then, it starts coming to you, toddling... sweet :D)

CAM-BABY comes to me when I clap my hands.
It's a lovely baby but I sometimes have a immoral thought
and hit it by hand...

Toddling like a real 2 year and half boy of your neighbor!
Its LED eyes lights up when it goes forward!
Yeah, what it's most attracting all of you is that it cries when it fall down.
Don't punch or throw it! it's a baby. But just do some little push or poke!

unvail the baby's tech secret
It starts coming when it hears your clap sounds.
It doesn't understand your words as it's too young but it understand the clap sound that you're a friend, friend or mother of it.
:: CAM-10 BABY's specs ::
Size: 10cm tall
Battery Type: LR44 x 3pcs (batteries included for quick use)

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