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Deep Sea Creature Vampire Squid Plush

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The Vampire Squid sounds more ominous than it is. This deep sea living cephalopod has been reimagined into this plush version in a cute marbled pink color. It is intricately sewn with webbed legs and small fins. Its uniquity and high quality details will make this the perfect plush for any squid lover.

About the Vampire Squid
The vampire squid dark color, red eyes, and webbed legs is what gives it its name. It doesn't actually suck blood! It resides in the lightless depths, one of the few complex organisms to do so. It has light producing organs called photophores covering its whole body which can produce flashes of disorienting light.
Did you know? The Vampire Squid doesn't shoot ink. Instead it ejects a mucus filled with blue light that blinds its predator with luminous light. (from wikipedia)


Size :  Approx: L: 10.6 inch (27 cm) x H: 3.5 inch (9 cm) x W: 5.9 inch (15 cm)

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