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Deff Cleave Aluminum Chrono Bumper for iPhone 6

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Designed for the iPhone 6! Aluminum shaved finish.
Easy install! Thin design won't bother your great grip feeling.

"Chrono" is an aluminum bumper for the iPhone 6 (4.7 inch.)

Since iPhone has been changed to bigger and thinner, the new design was required.
This product is the answer from Deff, a company that has created a lot of aluminum bumpers.

Stylish innovating edges are formed with a computer controlled cutter.
You will barely notice that you are using a bumper with the thinnest sides that it could have.
Stable thickness of both top and bottom are not only preventing accidental operation of the switch, but also minimizing damage to the device and absorbing the impact of falling.

Installation is a new "Quick Lock system" which doesn't require any tools.
SUS304 stainless with watch crown motif is used as a final closure, it will be even more secure and safe.

Big and thin which is the perfect design for the iPhone 6.
Stylish aluminum bumper is designed for the new iPhone 6.
New design we've never seen is perfect for the iPhone 6 that has been changed to bigger and thinner.
Aluminum material has been cut innovatively with a CNC machine.
Thin sides won't bother the fitting in your hand.
Enjoy the beautiful edges that iPhone doesn't have.

Easy installation. Quick Lock system.
"Quick Lock System". No tools are required to install the bumper.
Slide your iPhone 6 into the bumper and tighten the watch crown motifed screw . It will hold your iPhone 6 with great security keeping it safe.

Detailed cut.
A6063 aluminum alloy is used which has superior strength and light weight.
Same material is used for all the parts even buttons. Also the detailed cut even for the edges.
Beautiful alumite treatment is on the surface. This bumper has a beautiful design as well as great features.

1. Twist the screw counter clock wise and open the bottom of the bumper. Install volume ON/OFF switch to the bumper. Slide iPhone 6 into the bumper.
2. Close the bottom of the aluminum bumper. Twist the screw clock wise to close.
* Please take this product off, before you charge your iPhone6 when using a cradle.


Size table
Body Approx. H:  14.57 x W: 7.94 x D: 0.9 cm
Other specifications.
Material Aluminum (bumper), Stainless steel (screw and strap), Silicone ( spacer )
Surface processing Alumite (Anodic oxide layer) * Electrodeposition coating is used for the white colored bumper= ED until electro-deputation
Weight Approx. 21 g
Strap hole It includes a strap hole.






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