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Hamee Original DIVAID Lite Floating Waterproof case for Smartphone

SKU: 594-851609
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Tags: #Accessory, #Bag, #Phone Bag, #Waterproof



Easy to use! Operatable and available to take a picture through the case.
IPX8 waterproof case protects your smartphone!

Easy to use with a zipper!
Supports even big smartphones such as iPhone 6 Plus or Xperia Z3. DIVAID Lite can hold up to 5.5 inches smartphone.
Waterproof level is IPX8, which is the highest of the international standard!
Even if you immerse this product ino the water in 1.5 depth, your smartphone is fine.

Comes with a neck strap which allows you to hang it around your neck and use it as a crossbody bag.
Great for going to a pool, the ocean, rainy day, playing water and even checking recipes while cooking!

- Has a card pocket which works to store bills and coins
- Available to answer the phone and operate your smartphone through the case
- Clear material for camera lens to take a picture 
- Easy to operate side buttons as well
- Hang it in both lengthwise and crosswise ways


No more fear at waterside!!
Ocean, Kitchen, Playing water
Pool, Fishing, Rain

Single zipper is easy to use
Even with the single zipper, it keeps the water shut.

IPX8    Can be submerged in water at conditions more severe than IPX7.
IPX7    It will not flood even when submerged for 30 minutes at a 1 m water depth.

Has a useful card pocket.
Also, you can store bills and coins. If you don't want to bring your wallet to the beach, you can use this product as a wallet as well.

Black / Pink / Blue

1. Test with a immersing sheet.
Make sure the waterproof function is working properly.

2. Insert your smartphone into the case.
* Make sure the zipper won't get damaged.

3. Close the zipper.
Press the zipper from both top and bottom to fix.

4. Double check if the case is perfectly closed.

As a shoulder pouch for usual use.
Even if you use it as a crosswise, you can still use the neck strap.

Falling protection with the included neck strap.

Take a picture through the case.

Talk on the phone through the case!

Operatable your smartphone through the case!!!

Galaxy S6 Edge: Fits great.
Galaxy Note 3: It is a slightly bigger than compatible size. It fits very tightly.
AQUOS ZETA: Fits great.
iPhone 6: Fits great but sometimes the fingerprint authentication function won't work.
iPhone 6 Plus: It is a slightly bigger than compatible size. It fits tightly.
Xperia Z3: Fits great.

- Waterproof case
- Neck strap
- Immersing check sheet

* This product works as a waterproof case only when it is perfectly sealed.
* We are not responsible for breaking your device by falling or immersing.
* Under water taking picture or operating are not supported.
* This product has done waterproof test with normal temperature water. Please do not use this product with hot or cold water.

Outside demensions Approx. H: 20.5 × W: 11.2 × D: 1.3cm
Supported available store size Approx. H: 15.7 × W: 7.6 × D: 1.1cm
Neck strap (including a hook part) Approx. 75 - 135cm
Other specifications    
Included components Waterproof case, Neck strap


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