Otamatone Techno Musical Toy with Smartphone Connectivity from Maywa Denki - White


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17 inch (43 cm)
Batteries : 3 AA batteries required. (Included)
Otamatone is world wide popular product for its strange sounds and cute design.Finally Otamatone Techno is now available to use with Smartphones such as iPhone.
Otamatone Techno has adopted some new standards. Now you can use built-in speaker to play the music otherwise you can connect the Otamatone with smartphone and tablet devices using the OTM Link (Otamatone Music Link)
You can select the pith with pitch selector knob or High/Medium/Low Pitch selector on the rear Panel. OTM line jack, Battery Compartment, AC Outlet are available on the rear panel. LED will glow when you Turn On the product. Line Out Jack is also available on rear panel.
Start Playing by connecting it with your smartphone with 3.5 mm 4 Pole Stereo Cable.
Sounds you are playing in Otamatone enters the Smartphone and the App you are using on your smartphone will change the tone and the output sound will be played back by the Speaker which is inside the mouth of Otamatone.(You can use various apps, which are sold separately.)