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SheepSkin Winter Special Leather Style Smartphone Gloves for Men

SKU: 303-808009
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Tags: #Accessory, #Apparel and Jewelry, #Gloves, #Kawaii, #Touchscreen Gloves

New version of sheep skin gloves that work with smartphones are released!
The leather is softer than the former model! Smooth texture.
New colors are available. 3 types and 4 colors.


Sold out really quick last year! Real leather gloves for smartphone touch screen.
New colors are available. Make your smartphone life even more stylish and comfortable.

Sold out really quick last year!
The popular sheep skin gloves are now available!
Uses softer leather than the former version which improoves the fit on your hand.

- High-end and soft sheep skin from Italy
- Simple and beautiful leather makes a fashionable shape.
- No border line between the conductive fibers and tips of fingers
- Operable with 5 fingers
- Great touch operation sensitivity
- Soft and heat-retention faux leather is used for inner
- Great grip of real leather provides you a stable operation

Even if you feel it is tight at first, the real leather stretches out and fits on your hands.

Plain(Black) / Strap(Bordeaux) / Stitch(Camel)

Even softer! High-end sheep skin from Italy.
Soft and smooth textured sheep skin fits on your hands nicely. It is lighter than cow leather, so that your hands won't get tired. Also, it is way softer than the former model which fits on your hands perfectly and it makes your hand movement even more elegant.
Beautiful surface and the tiny wrinkles are characteristic of this leather. Because of the natural material, each product has a different look. The more you use them, the more charm they have.
 This leather is perfect for gloves.
Even for famous brand is using soft and beautiful sheep skin for bag or wallet as well as gloves.

Able to touch operate with 5 fingers and palm!
Not only 5 fingers that you can operate, but also palm also has conductive fiber! It provides you a stress-free touch operation.

Quick response. Great touch sensitivity!
Great touch sensitivity will respond amazingly with a slight touch. It is like you are operating with your bare hands.

Works for ATM as well!
You can purchase train tickets even at a cold train station.
Comfortable photography with touch panel operation.

Plain/ Strap
Stitch/ Stitch

Plain type
Simple design will suit any situation even in business. *Plain(Black)

Strap type
Stylish adjustable strap on the wrist. * Strap type(Camel)
Stitch type
Fashionable stitches from wrist to tip of fingers.  Stitch(Bordeaux)

It will become a perfect fit.
You might think it is tight at first, then whenever you use them, it becomes fit on your hands. Enjoy the changing from the real leather.

Faux fur is used inside of the gloves to keep heat. Also it has a smooth and soft texture.
Real leather has a great grip which prevents your smartphone from slipping off.

Entire glove length
* Strap and Stitch type are almost same length.
Circumference of hand
Measure from the line of life to the middle point between the edge of pinky finger and wrist. This is the standard size of gloves.
  Entire glove length Circumference of hand Thumb finger Index finger Middle finger Ring finger Pinky finger
S Size Approx. 23cm Approx. 23cm Approx. 6.5cm Approx. 7cm Approx. 8cm Approx. 7cm Approx. 5.5cm
M Size Approx. 23.5cm Approx. 24cm Approx. 7cm Approx. 7.5cm Approx. 8.5cm Approx. 7.5cm Approx. 6cm

Size is important for gloves.

To have perfect size of gloves is import for looks as well as heat protection. When gloves fit perfectly, it keeps heat without the air coming in. Also, if gloves are too big, it makes wrinkles when you bend fingers.


Choose a slightly tight size

We recommend you to pick slightly tight size. Because leather stretches out over time use, it you select perfect size, it becomes looser.

  Comes in this stylish package.  

* Sometimes, this product may not work well depending on specification of model or of screen protecting film.
* Because this product uses a natural material, it has scratches, wrinkles, lines, dents and may fade but it is not inferior. Please enjoy the unique taste.
* Because of the natural leather, the size may differ from the size table.
Entire glove length Msize Approx.  23cm
Entire glove length Lsize Approx. 23.5cm
Circumference of hand Mzie Approx. 23cm
Circumference of hand L size Approx. 24cm
Package Approx. H: 28 × W: 13 × D: 2cm
Other specification
Main Material Surface: Sheep skin / Inner: Faux fur

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