iBloom Lollipop Girl Squishy

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Color: Luna (Light Blue/Mint)
Sale price$19.99

Super-soft, super squishy, and super sweet, these scented squishies in the shape of a whimsical “Lollipop Girl” - a colorful little girl who resembles a teddy bear, are guaranteed to *squeeze* their way into your heart, no matter your age! Choose from Lola, a Peachy-Pink Squishy with big, wide eyes, a weft of curly golden hair atop her head, and a delicious strawberry scent, Claire, the grape scented, Lavender Lollipop Girl with a blue curly lock of hair, and Luna, the baby blue Lollipop girl with a fresh mint scent - all feature a cute, cuddly, and highly imaginative design, sweet scents, and a delightfully soft texture you'll love to squish!

Size: 3.7 x 2.1 x 4.7 inch (9.4 x 5.3 x 11.9 cm)

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