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About Ordering

Q: Is it possible to add on to the order that has already been made?

A: If your order has not shipped yet, we may be able to add on to it last minute. Please contact our Customer Support department and inquire directly.

Q: Is it possible to cancel or change my order?

A: If your order has not shipped yet, we may be able to cancel or change your order last minute. Please contact our Customer Support department and inquire directly.

Q: Is it possible not to put the invoice in the package since it is a present?

A: The invoice has to be included in the package. However, we do not mention the price of products in the invoice if there is a request to do so.

Q: Can you wrap the product?

A: We do not provide wrapping service.

Q: Can the products be purchased directly at your store?

A: We currently do not have a physical store. Our products are sold only on our website at

Q: Is it possible to order by a phone or fax?

A: We do not accept orders by phone nor fax. We only sell our products through our website at 

Q: Do you have a catalogue for the products ?

A: We do not have a catalogue for our products. Sorry for the inconvenience!

About Product Availability and Backordering

Q: Is it possible to order a product that is listed as “out of order” on the website?

A: Sorry for the inconvenience, but only available products can be ordered on the website.

Q: Can you tell me when the “out of order” products become available?

A: We usually receive new shipments within 1~2 weeks. Some products take longer than others to arrive. If you have an account at our store, you can receive "in stock" information by e-mail. Please log in and go to the page of the item, you'll see "Stock Alert Email" command on the product page. Please register your name and e-mail address there. You'll receive a stock notification email once the item is back in stock.

Q: Even though the website said the product was available when I made the purchase, I was informed that it is out of stock. What is going on?

A: We apologize for the inconvenience. Even though we do our best to manage our stock, a slight error can be made. If the problem occurs, we will handle the problem as quickly as we can to make sure our customers are satisfied.

About Shipping

Q: How much does it cost for shipping and handling?

A: Please visit our shipping+returns information page here.

Q: If I ordered multiple products, will I have to pay shipment for each product?

A: If you purchase several items separately, we will consolidate them and refund you the difference for shipping as a courtesy.

Q: Can you put multiple products in a single package?

A: As long as the products were purchased with a single order, they will all be in shipped in one package.

Q: If I ordered more than one item and some are "in stock" while others are "out of stock" will they get shipped together or separately?

A: If you do not wish to wait, please contact our Customer Support department and request your order be separated into multiple shipments. You will be required to pay for the additional shipping charges either by Credit Card or PayPal.

Q: Can you provide a tracking number? 

A: We ship using USPS First Class Mail/ DHL within the United States. This includes a tracking number that can be actively monitored on their respective website. We will send you the tracking number to your registered email address, so please be sure our messages are not marked as Junk or Spam.

Q: Can you set the date or time for the product to be delivered?

A: We cannot set the date or time for the product to be delivered. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Q: Can you ship internationally?

A: Yes. does ship internationally. Please click here for more information.

Q: I was not home when the package was delivered. What do I do?

A: Please contact the local post office and request for redelivery.

Q: What kind of box do the products get shipped in?

A: For a normal sized package, we will wrap your product in bubble wrap and then package it inside our water proof poly bags.

Q: I received an e-mail stating the product has been shipped yet I have not received it. What is going on?

A: This is just a courtesy email. We like to keep you updated as much as possible, so we will let you know when the package was shipped. This does not mean that your package should have arrived yet. Please check with the appropriate courier website (USPS/DHL) for up to date tracking and delivery estimates.

About Pre-order Products

Q:What is a pre-order product?

A: When an item is in pre-order status, we are allowing purchase of the product before the product arrives. This ensures that you reserve an item when it arrives rather than being sold out when you check again. We recommend pre-ordering as it will be the quickest way for you to receive a new or recently restocked item.

If you purchase a pre-ordered product and an available product on the same order, we will ship both items once the pre-order item is in stock.

Q: What are Early, Middle, and End of month dates on notification listing page?

A: EARLY part of the month is 1st to 10th.
MIDDLE part of the month is 11th to 20th.
END is 21st to end of the month.

Please note the manufacturer shipping schedule is based on an estimated shipping arrival.

About Payment

Q: Can I pay with cash or personal check?

A: We accept credit card or debit card payments and PayPal. We do not accept personal checks or money orders. We apologize for the inconvenience.

About Exchanging and Returning

Q: What happens if there the product was damaged when delivered?

A: If the product is damaged when you receive it, contact us via email within 30 days of the delivery and send it back to us. We will reship the product or issue a refund. If the damage occurred due to any fault of Hamee's, there will be no reshipping fee.

Q: Can you repair the product if it breaks?

A: We do not offer repairing services. If the product comes with insurance, contact us via email.

Q: Can I return the product?

A: If the product you ordered does not meet your expectations, contact us via email within 30 days of delivery. However, we will not give you a refund if you have:

- contacted us after 30 days of delivery
- opened the package and used the product
- damaged the product yourself - damaged the package yourself
- ordered a product that required customizing or personalizing


 * If you are just unsatisfied with the product and if you have already paid for the product, we can only refund you for the product itself. You will be responsible for the shipping fee. For further details on our refund or exchanging policy, please visit our shipping+returns information page here.

Q: What shipping provider can I use if I want to return the product?

A: You may use any shipping provider as long as it is traceable mail.  All returned products must be sent with traceable mail to guarantee a refund. We will refund you for the shipping fee if the product was damaged, so please send us your receipt as well. Be sure the letters and numbers are clearly visible so we can authenticate the receipt quickly and issue your refund as soon as possible. 

Q: How long does it take to get the refund after returning the product?

A: We will send you the refund within 3 business days after the product gets returned.

Q: Can I exchange a product for another product?

A: Sorry, but Hamee does not currently accept exchanges. We will be happy to assist you with any returns. If you need any help, please contact us at We are sorry for any inconvenience.

About Member Registration

Q: What do I do if I forget my password?

A: On the login page, click the "Forgot your password?" link. Then type in your email address you used to register and the password will be sent to your email account. Please re-set a password following instructions sent by the email. To keep your account information private, we cannot answer your password even if you call us or email us.

Q: Do I need to register to make a purchase?

A: You do not need to register before placing an order. You may register as soon as you have finished shopping, or check out as a Guest. Our registration process is fast, free, and will save you time for future purchases. 

Q: Why should I become a registered user?

A: You will not be required to re-enter your shipping or billing addresses every time you order online. Whenever you place an order, it will be delivered to the registered address on file, unless you direct us otherwise.

You can browse, shop and, if necessary, complete your order at a later time. We'll keep track of the items you've already put in your shopping bag so that when you come back later, you will not have to re-select the items again. Note that placing items to your shopping bag for purchase at a later time does not guarantee item availability.