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The Otamatone is 10 years old!

First released to the public in 2009, the Otamatone celebrated its 10th Anniversary on December 1st 2019 with the announcement of big plans – the release of a new and improved anniversary edition called Otamatone Neo!

Upgrades in this version include a wider stem switch, smartphone connectivity, and an accompanying app. The app – called Otamatone Studio – allows Otamatone owners to switch up their Otamatone’s sound with a variety of effects including the sounds of various instruments, distortion, and beat accompaniment. The app is available for both iOS and Android, but requires a microphone input compatible 3.5mm jack or appropriate adaptor for use.

The app is continuing to be developed and we’ll be providing updates on its status here so stay tuned! You can also view updates from the developers here.

See below for more details on the Otamatone Neo!

  • Stem switch width has been increased from 0.2 inches to 0.3 inches making the Otamatone Neo easier to play and more responsive 
  • Stem has also been made taller for an increased note range
  • Features smartphone connectivity
  • Compatible with new Otamatone Studio App for iOS and Android


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