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BT21 Gift Guide 2022

BT21 Gift Guide

BT21 Gift Guide

The Ultimate Gift Guide For All BT21 Fans

Many years ago a super curious alien called Tata ( Created by Kim Taehyung ) was super curious about everything and wanted to explore the world. So he made a robot called VAN (Representing the millions of ARMY fans) to explore the galaxy with. He came to earth and was amazed at all the super idols and stars that had millions of fans worldwide. He then made his decision. He decided that he was going to make his own KPop band. So he went around the world recruiting an elite team of cute, cuddly characters to hypnotize the world with their cuteness. The band was going to dominate the 21st Century, hence BT21 was born. 

Here is a list of the perfect gifts for any BT21 fan!

1. BT21 Capsule Squishy

Mystery Capsule Squishy Series

Get your favorite character in the form of a unique and adorable capsule squishy! These soft, liquid-filled squishy toys are fun to throw, bounce, squeeze, or simply show off! With adorable designs and a super soft, mochi-like texture, they make the perfect stress ball or fidget toy, and are the perfect gift for UNISTARS!

2. BT21 Full Body Squishy

BT21 characters in an adorable and unique squishy form. The squishy comes with a ball chain, so you can attach it to your bag, purse, and pouch. Get your favorite characters! 

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