Otamatone Highlights

Some of our favorite Otamatone moments (in no particular order). 
If you haven’t caught any of these yet, you’re in for a treat. 

Thomas the Tank Engine Theme (mklachu ft. TheRealSullyG)

Mklachu and TheRealSullyG are two YouTubers who would without a doubt have been inducted into an Otamatonists’ Hall of Fame by now, were such a thing to exist, so it only makes sense that a video featuring both of them would make this list.

The Dooo - Playing Guitar (and Otamatone!) on Omegle

We love watching people react to seeing an Otamatone for the first time. When so much of humor is about subverting expectations, breaking out as outlandish an instrument as an Otamatone is sure to make people laugh, or at the very least crack a smile. Enter The Dooo, serenading random strangers over Omegle who (like the gentleman in the clip below) are quite often thrilled enough simply to have encountered the rather well-known YouTube personality…only to be surprised once again when he introduces his Otamatone.

My Heart Will Go On (NELSONTYC)

NELSONTYC is somewhat of an Otamatone virtuoso – something virtually nobody else who’s attempted to play one could have imagined was possible to achieve – but he’s done it, nonetheless.

That, coupled with the standard high production value of his videos and the Otamatone’s uncanny ability to remove any semblance of seriousness from even the most serious and emotional of pieces makes for a ridiculously amusing performance to watch.

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