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Thank you for visiting Hamee, the International Sales Department of Hamee Corp. Hamee is a company based in Odawara, Japan, specializing in selling Japanese cell phone accessories and gadgets to the world. Thanks to an ever growing and globally connected Internet, we can reach people all over the world who love Japanese culture. We are excited that you found us­–even though we are located far away from where you sit in front of your computer! Now that you are here, we hope you find a thing or two that catches your eye and that you learn a little bit about Hamee and Japan along the way.

On this page, you can learn as little or as much as you want about our company. We only think it is fair that you can get to know us if you are going to shop with us! We want you to hear from Hamee about who we are, what our company is about, and where we came from. Thanks for stopping by and greetings from Japan! 

#1 History

Hamee History

#2 Products

Hamee Provides 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed Products.


Hamee Original Products That We Designed and Produced


Licensed by Disney

We are planning, developing, and manufacturing Disney official licensed products. We acquired Disney license in Japanese and Korean markets.


Safe and Secure Apple Certified Product

Hamee is developing MFI (Made for iPod/iPhone/iPad) products. We highly recommend Apple certified products because you might have a lot of issues with cheap non-certified products. MFI products are more expensive than non-certified products, but we are selling MFI products just because we would like to provide our customers safe and secure products.

Hamee MFI Products


Featured in Lots of Media in Japan

Hamee has released lots of unique products. iMeshi Food Sampe Smartphone Case Series is just one example among them. They have often been featured in Japanese TV, magazines, and web-news sites. You might have seen some of these products.

The Most Talked about Hamee Products

#3 Shipping

Hamee is shipping products from Japan.


#4 Company

Corporate Information

Company Name Hamee US, Corp.
Business Internet Service
System Development
Office Address 635 Hawaii Ave., Torrance, CA 90503
Headquarters Hamee Corp.
Odawara, EPO 5F, 2-9-39
Sakae-cho, Odawara,
Kanagawa, 250-0011, Japan
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Hamee is a company based in Odawara, Japan. Odawara is a middle-sized city in Kanagawa prefecture and is about 100 km away from Tokyo. Odawara Castle is a symbol of the city. This old historical castle was well-known as an impregnable fort and residence of Odawara Hojyo, very famous samurai clan in the Sengoku period. Hamee is now taking off to the world pursing its company philosophy, We Create the Best "e" for the Better "e" World.


Scenes of Headquarters Office in Odawra, Japan


Hamee Employees Taken in May, 2014

We are happy if we help you to know about Hamee.
All of Hamee member are doing the best effort to bring you
"happy mobile and easy e-commerce".


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