Pusheen Pastel Capsule Squishies (Series 2)

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Style: 1 Pc. (Surprise - Random)
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Mystery Capsule Squishy Series

These soft, liquid-filled squishy toys are fun to throw, bounce, squeeze, or simply show off! With adorable designs featuring Pusheen and all her favorite snacks and a super soft, mochi-like texture, they make the perfect stress ball or fidget toy, and are the perfect addition to any Pusheen lover's collection!

Made of soft, squishy polyurethane filled with water for a more satisfying squish, these squishies feature top quality materials and high quality paint ensuring they're as durable as they are adorable.

Surprise Squishy!

Each Pusheen Mystery Squishy capsule contains one of 5 adorable mini squishies featuring Pusheen the Cat! Open each egg for a super sweet squishy surprise!

Water Filled!

They make a great alternative to stress balls for kids and adults alike, and double as an adorable accessory for your room or desk. These squishies are water-filled making them super fun to squish!

Cute & Collectible!

With five officially licensed, exclusive designs, these squishies make a perfect addition to any Pusheen lover's collection. Collect all 5 designs!

About Pusheen The Cat

Pusheen is a sweet, curious, lazy, & plump tabby cat that loves to have adventures and bring smiles and laughter to people all around the world. Her hobbies include blogging, snacking, taking naps, and being a unicorn/mermaid/dinosaur/various wild animals/a trio of pastel aliens on occasion.

She became famous through her animated comics and GIFs posted on Pusheen.com, as well as through her widely used animated stickers on Facebook, Instagram, iMessage, and other platforms.

Available Styles: 1pc, 2 pcs and 3 pcs (Style chosen randomly), 5 pcs (All Styles)

Size: 3.03 x 2.36 x 2.32 inches

Pusheen Collection

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