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Tik Tok Viral Toys

TikTok Viral Toys Gift Guide

TikTok Viral Toys Gift Guide

The Most Viral Toys On Tik Tok

There’s something kids and adults have in common: an addiction to TikTok.

Anyone who’s downloaded the video-based app can probably agree that it’s really easy to get lost scrolling on the “For You” page. TikTok’s algorithm is fine-tuned for every user, showing people videos they’ll most likely find interesting. Of course, when it comes to kids, toy content is bound to perform well.

With endless videos, it’s hard to keep track of what’s trending — but have no fear! We tracked down 10 toy trends that kids have probably seen on their TikTok and put them all on one list. Check it out below!

Otamatone (Kirby)

The second character edition of the Otamatone was released to celebrate Kirby's 25th anniversary. The body is pink and Kirby's face has been printed on the silicon head. The Otamatone's round head and Kirby are a match made in heaven. It doesn't get much cuter than performing Kirby's songs with the moving mouth! Functions and size are similar to the standard Otamatone. 

Otamatone Hatsune Miku

Hatsune Miku is a voicebank for Japanese singing voice synthesizer software Vocaloid, whose voice has featured in over 100,000 songs released worldwide. She has performed sold-out 3D concerts all over the world in the form of a hologram modeled as a 16-year old girl with long, turquoise pigtails. Touted as a virtual idol, Miku and her anthropomorphism have become a global sensation with a loyal and active fan community who have created countless animations and other media featuring her. 

Hello Kitty x Pusheen Jumbo Squishy

With two officially licensed, exclusive designs, these limited edition squishies make the perfect addition to any Pusheen or Hello Kitty lover's collection. 

Sanrio Capsule Squishy

With five officially licensed, exclusive designs, these squishies make a perfect addition to any Hello Kitty lover's collection. 

BT21 Capsule Squishy

Get your favorite character in the form of a unique and adorable capsule squishy! These soft, liquid-filled squishy toys are fun to throw, bounce, squeeze, or simply show off! With adorable designs and a super soft, mochi-like texture, they make the perfect stress ball or fidget toy, and are the perfect gift for UNISTARS! 

Hello Kitty x Pusheen AirPods Case

The famous Sanrio's Hello Kitty and adorable Pusheen the Cat Collaboration Special Edition for their first time! The lovely two cute characters will be available for all fans. Don't miss your chance! 

Buzzfeed The GAC Jumbo Squishy

Made of soft, slow-rising, smooshy, mushy polyurethane foam for a more satisfying squish, this Good Advice Cupcake (AKA "Cuppy") jumbo squishies feature top quality materials and high-quality paint ensuring they're as durable as they are adorable. Once this super sweet, stress-relieving cupcake squeezes its way into your life, you'll never want to put her down! 

iBloom Le Pain Francais Baguette Squishy

This life-size baguette is extra large, making it even more fun to squish, and features your choice of a golden fresh-baked color with a realistic bread scent, pink with a strawberry scent, or dark brown with a decadent chocolate scent. 

Hamee Pusheen [Surprise Capsule Series 3] Cute Water Filled Squishy Toys

Curl up with a cup of coffee and relax with these sweet, stress-relieving capsule squishies! This series of adorable squishy toys feature Pusheen the Cat disguised as some of her favorite café sweets – a macaron, a strawberry Swiss Roll, A slice of tiramisu, a cinnamon roll, and a muffin! 

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